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Mental Health Month 2019: Professor Round Table Recap

Round Table – How to Prevent Clinician Burn Out

Members of the Emory DPT faculty, including Dr. Sprague, Dr. Caston, Dr. Blanton, Dr. Sharp, and Dr. Phillips, engaging with students on topics such as clinician burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral injury to prepare students for and provide reflection on physical therapy clinicals and working after graduation.

Favorite Quotes

By: Annie Goldman, SPT

“There’s a false work life balance because we really actually love what we do.”

– Dr. Blanton

“Life balance fluctuates. It’s not always going to 50/50 with work and your relationships.”

– Dr. Caston

On how much time you spend outside of work... “How is the quality of the time outside of work? Is it restoring you?”

– Dr. Caston

“I tried to double down and work harder to make changes, but it wasn’t a sustainable way to live.”

– Dr. Caston

“Your mind needs to be where you’re at when you’re actually there.”

– Dr. Sprague

“It’s important to be mindful, to be present.”

– Dr. Blanton

“When I put myself out there for others, it really helped me. It me through the tough time.”

– Dr. Sprague

“You can’t defeat darkness by beating it with a baseball bat. You have to turn on a light.”

“When it [the down times/emotions] start to impact my personal life, I know I need to check in. If I don’t make ground work quickly on my own, I know it’s time to go to therapy.”

– Dr. Sprague

“My husband and I can only tell 1 story about work at dinner.”

– Dr. Phillips

“There’s a difference between venting vs productive complaining. With productive complaining, the goal is to reach a solution or at least a resolution.”

– Dr. Caston

“No one can remove the weight of the world from your shoulders but you. Seek counseling, mindfulness, friends so that you can find the copining techniques that work best for you.”

– Dr. Caston


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