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Emory DPT's 1st Annual Mental Health Month - Weekly Topics

By Katie Shelnitz, SPT

Week 1 Resources:

We also hope you all learned something new or were able to make reflections on the stigma of mental health through our Instagram posts and/or general discussion during the first week! In addition, we've listed a few resources below if you have continued interest in the topic:

Mental Health Fact Sheets:

Mental Health Stigma Impacts & Prevalence:

Ways to Fight Mental Health Stigma:


Week 2 Information:

Come join us this Friday for our first official event for our Mental Health Month!

Members of the Emory DPT faculty -- including Dr. Caston, Dr. Blanton, Dr. Sharp, and Dr. Phillips -- will be engaging with students to discuss topics such as clinician burnout, compassion fatigue, and moral injury to prepare students for and provide reflection on physical therapy clinicals and working after graduation.

The professor round table discussion on these topics (clinician burnout, etc.) will be on Friday, September 13th from 12:00pm-1:00pm at SOM 190P.

Attached and below are resources about the topics if you all are interested!

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