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Emory University School of Medicine


The School of Medicine is committed to principles of sustainability for the environmental health and well-being of all people, and is an active participant in Emory University’s Sustainability Programs. To learn more about their efforts and initiatives click here.

Emory Healthcare


Emory Healthcare is committed to working toward a hospital-wide food system that is environmentally sustainable, healthy and delicious. To learn more click here.

Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives 

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Founded in 2006, the Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives (OSI) promotes healthy living and 

sustainable practices across all of the University's institutions.


 Visit Emory Sustainability Initiatives website here for a comprehensive resource list.

Get involved with Emory OSI here and join in the sustainability efforts across campus!

Sustainable Healthcare at Emory

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Read the report on Sustainable Healthcare at Emory University by Laura Balotin here.

Student Sustainability Guide

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Read the Emory College 2017 Student Sustainability Guide by the Emory Office of Sustainability Initiatives here.  

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